How to escape within the city of Accra and where to go

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January 12, 2023

Accra is one of the best getaway destinations in Africa. Everyone knows that Ghana’s capital city is home to some of the most beautiful attractions and with a population of almost 2 million, Accra is one of West Africa’s most well-known capital cities. It serves as the center of Ghana’s financial and economic activity and, most importantly, as the location of the country’s executive branch. There are numerous beautiful and noteworthy monumental buildings as well as many contemporary ones in the urban environment that have come to symbolize Accra’s long and rich heritage.

 In Ghana’s capital, every day is hectic, yet as a visitor to this unassuming West African city, there are so many enjoyable things to see and do that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and satisfied. The city comes alive at various times of the year especially during December and New Year’s festivities, but some districts are lit up every day, no matter what the occasion. The coastline has it all, from its fine sand beaches to its classy pubs and taverns, nightclubs, lounges, 5 star hotels such as Movenpick and Kimpiski, restaurants and the city’s friendly residents, who make it one of the most ethnically diverse cities on the continent. 

Therefore, for more appealing information about what you could do or where you can go for that thrilling break in Accra, check out the following places.

  • Aqua Safari Resorts/Treasure Island  (Ada Foah)

If you happen to be in Accra, Ghana, on a vacation or just a simple weekend getaway, try being at the shoreline of the eco-friendly, luxurious Aqua Safari Resorts, the Treasure Island, or any of the nearby  island resorts at Ada Foah, located on the other side of the Volta Lake within the capital city of Ghana but a 2 hour drive from the busy streets of Accra. The sunrise or sunset view at the estuary is a display of nature at its best. You can also sit at the pool area to unwind and enjoy this spectacular view while sipping on a glass of wine or a bottle of beer.

  • Sky Bar 25

So, during sundown, admiring and truly appreciating the beautiful view of the skyline of the capital city with lovely music playing in the background from this trendy rooftop bar with a pool on a high-rise building called the Villagio is a sight to see. If you find yourself in Accra for a day or two, an evening out at Sky Bar 25 should be on your itinerary.

  • Oxford Street

A popular street in the capital city of Accra that is a roadside tourist market during the day and a crazy party hub at night, filled with bars, pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, shops, malls, casinos, and hotels. Oxford Street is a fun place to be for a taste of typical Ghanaian nightlife.


  • Front Back 

Though this is a member-only club, it is occasionally open to the public. Their beautiful décor, fine food, and cocktails are a fine treat. With the lovely green plants and comfortable seats on the back terrace, you’re guaranteed a fun and relaxing evening in Accra.

  • Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and Memorial Park

One thing you can’t miss in Accra as a visitor is the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum. This location houses the remains of Ghana’s foremost Pan-Africanist and independence pioneer, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, also known as Osagyefo (the Messiah).The national park was built in his memory.

  • W. E. B. DuBois Memorial Centre for Pan-African Culture

This center is located in the prestigious neighborhood of Cantonments, not far from various embassies such as the American Embassy. It is named after the civil rights activist William Edward Burghardt Du Bois, who is referred to as the “Father of Pan-Africanism” due to his campaigns for African-American rights and later became a citizen of Ghana. The W. E. B. Du Bois Memorial Centre for Pan-African Culture is the resting place of Du Bois and his wife, his personal library, and a museum displaying his personal belongings. The center has added a pavilion in connection with the African American Association of Ghana (AAAG), an amphitheater, a research institute, and a restaurant.

  • Independence Square

Black Star Square, popularly known as “Independence Square,” was commissioned in 1961 in honor of Queen Elizabeth II, and it happens to be the second largest city square in the world. The square includes a towering fountain and an arch that should make you want to spend a perfect sundown admiring and snapping pictures of the beautiful sunset over the sea, which can sum up a perfect getaway in Accra. More so, you can catch the beautiful sight of public gatherings and national festivals, especially during the March 6 Independence Day Parade.

  • Ussher Fort Museum; Jamestown Lighthouse; Brazil House

 Ghana’s history is heavily intertwined with the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, so even without traveling to the historic towns of Cape Coast or Elimina, the horror of that part of African history can be seen within the capital city of Accra. Throw in some education about the country’s fascinating history of the slave trade at the historic landmark of James and Ussher Fort, built by the British in 1871, a former prison turned museum located at the old British Accra “Jamestown,” a highly populated fishing community positioned to the west of Kwame Nkrumah Avenue.


The fort contains beautiful indigenous artwork and artifacts, relics such as slave shackles, and paintings about the slave trade.Take a town walk and make a climb to the top of the towering Jamestown Lighthouse, one of the oldest buildings in Accra, for a bird’s eye view of the lively neighborhood within the capital city. The Brazil House is an empire-era housing style built as an homage to their rich heritage, difficult past, and unique tradition for a group of about 70 enslaved Tabom people who returned from Brazil to their home country of Ghana in the late 1800s. The house is now open to the public, but it used to be a site where returning families re-established themselves as members of the community and learned local languages and traditions, despite speaking only Portuguese.

  • Makola Market

The Makola market extends for miles in the heart of Accra. The interesting experience of taking time to navigate its routes is amazing and it has this bustling excitement to it, and you can buy virtually anything you want in this market. Indeed, what would you expect from the first wholesale and retail spot in Accra? Established in 1924 and has become one of today’s most popular markets in Accra and West Africa. Take a morning walk in the market to experience an African market setting. 

  • Artists Alliance Gallery or Dikan Gallery

Visit the Artists Alliance Gallery, a three-story tower overlooking the Atlantic Ocean that is home to some incredible artwork, antiques, clothing, and accessories. There are showcases of traditional crafts and contemporary arts. These traditional items complement modern paintings. For example, there are traditional carved masks and Ashanti drums. Or you can take a tour of the newly opened Dikan, a photography gallery with pictures depicting the history of Ghana and Africa as a whole.

  • An Evening Nightlife (Afrikiko, +233 Jazz Bar and Grill)

Care about an exciting evening of food from various restaurants, a drink from open bars, and some dance moves? Then, Afrikiko or +233 Jazz Bar and Grill is your place to be, not too far from Ghana’s Flag Staff House and around the East Cantonment and Ring Road. Apart from Oxford Street, Afrikiko and +233 are popular tourist destinations.

  • Kokrobite

Perhaps it is time for some swimming or to learn some surfing skills, or perhaps you prefer to relax on the beach watching the fishermen and listening to live music, in which case Kokrobite will get you to enjoy all the sights of these popular activities. But there are other beaches that equally give you a refreshing sense of relaxation, such as Sandbox, Laboma, Polo, La Pleasure Beach, the Luxury Beach, etc.


  • The Accra Art Centre (shopping tour)

The Accra Art Centre is a busy tourist market with a lot of already-made African-tailored clothes, traditional footwear, Kente and Fugu, carvings, paintings, drums, etc. The Art Center is a great souvenir shopping center, which makes getting your loved ones back home gifts easy.