A look at the return journey for African-Americans to Ghana

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January 12, 2023

Ghana, a country through whose ports millions of Africans passed on their way to the New world wants descendents to come home and has therefore established itself as the  ultimate homecoming destination for Africans living in the diaspora. From the days of Martin Luther King, Malcolm x, Macus Garvey, Mohamed Ali, through to W.E.B Dubois who settle, dead and is buried here on his compound which is now a Pan African Museum, shows how much Ghana have been that safe haven for the descendant of African in the diaspora but in 2019, the explosiveness of the hashtag “Year of Return” brought the country to the forefront of the world. 

Therefore, for that ultimate homecoming pilgrimage to the motherland, a trip to the central region of Ghana, where it all began will  gives you a sense of understanding into the  stories of our ancestors, for behind those huge tick-brick wall castles are the sad tales of how the trans-Atlantic slave trade started on the coasts of this west African country. The following activities when undertaken while visiting and touring the historical coastal town will cement your homecoming and make it a success. 

  • The Spiritual or the Return bath 

The Assin Manso Slave River journey is spiritual, and the activities involved in this journey are designed to put you on the same path your ancestors took before being taken to the new world. Walking trails of Assin Manso forest to the riverside where our enslaved ancestors took their last bath while in captivity before they were loaded on the ship to the New World, therefore, making this tour trip more than just a trip but a form of pilgrimage that every descendant of Africa living in the diaspora must embark on to help them reconnect with and retrace their ancestral roots. There are other activities, such as the naming ceremonies performed by the local chief in the clear, fresh running river water, starting with names associated with the day of the week that you were born, and it comes with you being adorned with herbs of protection and giving thanks and gratitude through prayer for all our ancestors who survived the horrific journey to make our lives possible.

  •  The Dungeon Tour

 Despite the fact that there are numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites spread out on our shores, Cape Coast Castle has taken center stage for some reason over the past year and saving as the homecoming site due to its accessibility to its “Door of no Return” that the first castle built on the African shores, known as Castelo de So Jorge da Mina but now known as the Elimina castle, has not and also gain its popularity when President Obama visited the castle with his wife and family.  

Depending on which of these two castles you visit and tour, the story behind the walls are horrifying and familiar but the relief of this tour is at the cape coast castle by finishing the dungeon tour with the coming out of the door of no return which signifies the return of a descendant. Libations are poured on the grounds to call on the ancestors which makes this a once in a lifetime journey that needs to be taken. 

There are a lot of homecoming tours today but for that authentic pilgrimage to Ghana join our Sankofa tour and have your reconnection and your root retracing experience like never before. 


Thing to do in Cape Coast / Elmina 


  • Hike the Assin Manso forest to the slave riverside 
  • Castle tour and libation pouring 
  • Naming ceremony
  • Town walk 
  • Visit and Tour KakumNational Park
  • Visit the stainless bees center