A Traveler’s Guide to Ghana

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January 12, 2023

Ghana is a country known for its warm hospitality, friendly people, and a history intertwined with the stories of the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade. The country boasts several local languages, such as Ewe, Hausa, and Twi, but English serves as the official language. Ghana is a peaceful destination for travelers, whether you’re a first-time visitor to Africa looking for an ideal introduction to the continent or a seasoned traveler in search of a refreshing alternative. Apart from the forts and castles, Ghana has a lot of sights to explore.

1. The Center of the World

The rock located directly in the center of the Greenwich Meridian is a spiritual place to visit in Ghana. It was visible until the extension of the Tema Port, but an area in Sakumono has been demarcated, and it’s not too far from the rock’s location for visitors who want to experience standing at the center of the world.

2. The Jamestown Town Walk

Known as British Accra, this highly populated fishing community within the capital city of Accra has the Jamestown Lighthouse, Ussur Fort Museum, and James Fort. After the town walk, tourists can stop at The Jamestown Cafe, a live artist performance bar, and the Brazile House, a museum showcasing some of the history of the Afro-.

3. A Safari in the North

Consider visiting Mole National Park if you love the outdoors. The park is home to elephants, buffalos, antelopes, warthogs, the black and white colobus monkey, and some exposed species of flora, all visible to guests during a walking or jeep safari.

4. The Adventures of the Volta Lake

The largest man-made lake in terms of surface area has luxury resorts along its shoreline that offer boat rental services from upriver to the Akosombo Dam, Ghana’s power hub. BraveHearts Expeditions also offers camping, hiking, mountaineering, paintballing, ropes course challenges, ziplining, mountain biking, kayaking, and abseiling at the Adomi Bridge.

5. A Trip to Ada

Visit Ada for a relaxing day at any of the amazing riverside resorts on the various islands, such as Treasure Island, Maranatha Beach Resort, and Aqua Safari Resort. Most of these resorts come with water sports activities, and visitors can also tour the Nkyinkyim Museum.

6. Oxford Street

Oxford Street is a well-known boulevard in Accra’s capital, containing bars, pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, stores, malls, casinos, and hotels. It acts as a roadside tourist market by day and a crazy party hub by night.

7. Osu Night Market

The Osu Night Market is a Ghanaian street food market that operates at night near Oxford Street. It is a good location for visitors who want to try out Ghanaian cuisine at a quick-service restaurant.

Ghana offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and a warm welcome. Consider visiting these places on your next trip to Ghana, and immerse yourself in the country’s history, culture, and hospitality.